Q) How many groups the software can publish in the trial version?

A) Only 5 of the groups you are subscribed in that allow posting on its time-line.

Q) How many Facebook account I can add in the software?

A) Any number of Facebook accounts.

Q) Is there a limited number of groups that the software can grab from the account?

A) It brings all the groups you are subscribed in no matter how many they are.

Q) What is the best lime lap shall be between each action?

A) It would be ok if it is between 300 to 360 seconds, but you can chose a less or more time but it would have some risk on your account if it is less than 300 seconds.

Q) Can I use multi Facebook accounts in the same time?

A) You can use up to 5 accounts in the same time.

Q) What is the difference between image and picture in the campaign?

A) Picture is the option you chose to upload photos from your computer. Image is the option you chose to add photos from external links or to use it as a preview for the link you are posting.

Q) What would you do if you are about to lose your PC or the system in it or you had to work on other computer or elsewhere?

A) You should keep a copy of your database file from the software folder so that you can use it again whenever something happen to the computer

Q) why I subscribe to new groups I don’t find it in the groups list automatically?

A) you have to refresh the groups list in the software.

Q) How can I subscribe in the application and make use of it?

A) You download your trial copy from the website and register your user name and password inside the software. Send us your user name to activate your copy for the period you chose.

Q) How can I pay for the software?

A) Via Western Union, Vodafone Cash and PayPal.

َQ) Does the software extract the clients data?

 A) No, it does not do that.

Q) What is the use of the (link) (name) (link description) (preview image) (caption)


A) link: is where you put the link you want the others to see.
Name: is where you put the name you want the users to see.
Description: you can add any description you want to the link.
Preview image: you can add any preview image to the link you add different from the original one.

NOTE: if you use the link box only the link will appear without any modifications.


Q) How can I contact the support team?

A) Via Whatsapp or Viber On +201069034197. You can communicate also on our website  emautopilot.com