What make Facebook autopilot that awesome?

It like and comment like a real user although it is automated.

You can use more than one Facebook account on the software to use to post and like and comment.

It stores your data so that you don’t have to enter your data each time you log in the software.

Safe on your account because it works in a unique way that prevents your account from being blocked or banned from Facebook.

If your Internet went off it pause till it get back and start posting. So you don’t have to worry if the connection went off.

You can upload images directly from your computer to post or you can share external links also.

You can set the computer to be shutdown when the software finish posting.

How to use the software:


How to apply or create user account as follows,


1 – Enter you name.

2 – Enter a valid email.

3 – enter a username for the software (as this you can use it to log in your purchased account from and computer)

4 – Enter your mobile number.

5 – Enter your chosen password

6 – Re-enter the password

7 – Press create account

Now you have created your account on the software (this account username is important for purchasing your subscription)
Chick this video for more information here


How to add facebook account:


1 – Click on “new account” to enter the facebook account.

2 – Enter a name to distinguish the account you will add from the other accounts so that it make it easy for you to chose from the list the account you want (in case you added several accounts)

The software automatically imports the groups and pages after saving the facebook account details in the software.
3 – Each time you make any changes in the groups and pages like subscribing to new group or unsubscribe from an old one, like a new page do unlike other one, or even make changes on your facebook account like changing password or email or any other details click on “edit

4 – you will need to refresh the groups list by pressing import groups

5 – Press “save” from the accounts panel

6 – The new account will appear on the left side of the software, where you can manage your accounts anytime you want.

7 – You can go a step back words if you want while editing the accounts by pressing “the go back button” only if you did not press “save

8 – To delete any facebook account from the software, chose the account, click on delete account

9 – you can delete a page from the list or a group or even the account (from the software not from the facebook account) just chose the pages and groups or even the accounts you want to edit, and then click on delete selected

Watch the video from here


Create a campaign on facebook autopilot.


The campaign is a set of posts you set as you like to be posted on facebook.


1- Press on new campaign
2- Chose a name for the campaign to distinguish it from the other campaigns
3- You can type your post into the post area
4- you can add a link or image or even a description, also you can upload a photo from your computer
5- and then you can add the post by click on the blue plus button on the right, as if you did not do that your post will not be saved
6- repeat the same steps to add posts as much as you can
7- Click on save to save your campaign.
8- Click on edit campaign if you needed to make any changes or edit your campaign any time you wish
9- To delete a campaign you click on edit campaign after choosing it from the campaigns list, then click on delete campaign
10- To delete a single post or many you chose them and then click on delete selected
12- You can always go step back as long as you did not save what you did.

Watch the video from here


Adding comments on facebook autopilot


This window is for adding group of comments. Each group contains a set of comments which you can use later as we proceed.

1- First click on new comment which will allow you to create a new group of comments
2- Chose a name for the group to distinguish it from other comments groups.
3- click on add comment  to add comment,And you can add comments as much as you want by repeating the previous step.
4- Click on save to save your comments menu
5- You will see new comments menu shows up which mean you saved the previous menu correctly.
6- To edit or delete a set of comments or single comment you have to choose first the comments group you want to edit or delete from the left panel, then click on edit comment.
7- To delete a list of groups choose the list you want, click on edit comment then click on delete comment
8- to delete “single comment or more” choose which one you want to delete then click on delete selected
9- You can always go step back as long as you did not save what you did.
Watch the video from here


Run campaigns on Facebook Autopilot



1- Click on run campaign and You can run up to 5 campaigns in the same time in the paid edition.
2- Click on refresh to update the modification you did to the accounts, group lists or comments. (if you did)
3- Choose a campaign
4- Choose an account
5- it’s optional if you choose a comments, group or not.
6- chose the applicationyou want to choose to post with
7- You can set the functions you want the software to do from posting options
8- You can control the number of groups you want to post in either by selecting them or from a keyword
9- You shall adjust the waiting time between each action which preferred to be between 300 to 400 seconds.
10- You can make the software start after a period you set, i.e. set the software to start after 1 hour or more or less as you like.
11- click on start To start publishing.
12- If you want to stop the campaign click on stop
13- If you want to close the campaign click on close
14- you can see campaign progress and report in here.
15- you can save the report in a separated file.
16- You can set the software to shutdown the computer after finishing the process.

Watch the video from here

Setting tab:



1- You can save a back up for your data you entered on the software so that you can restore it any time you wish.
2- You can restore a backed up database you already saved.
3- Change the language from Arabic to English and vise versa.


when choosing blackberry application you will need to initiate your facbook account on blackberry simulator

How to activate facebok acoount on black berry application


download the simulator from here


install it as follows













the application is now is installed
follow the steps to find the application on your computer













now your account is activated on black berry application
go to accounts menu in the application then enter your Facebook account
if you have previous account on the application remove it and re enter it after first time initiation

Watch the video from here

Hope you enjoy the software Em Autopilot